When I’m old and grey, and look back on the moments of my life that truly mattered, moments that truly had an impact on the person I had become, I wonder what parts of my life now would I think about?

Would I think about the shows I was watching? The food I ate? The books I read? The exams I took? The places I went? The people I spent it with?

Will the things that I’m being told are huge, ginormous deals now (I’m looking at you Step 1, a rant on that later), turn out to be of any consequence?

The beautiful thing about this life is that — regardless of outcomes, the actions or thoughts of others, who we are born as — we get to choose the things that are important to us and invest in them. I hope at the end of my life I can say that the things I let occupy my mind and my energy, stood the test of time.


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