Just Eating

There’s this urge I have when I’m eating a meal to be doing something else. I’ll take my food to my room and watch a show, browse the internet, do some flashcards. I’m just trying to be efficient here.

The past few days though I’ve been trying to just eat. No distracters, no other activity, just me and my sustenance. Part of this was in an effort to stop eating in my room. Not that I’m a messy eater, but the smell of my food will often linger for a bit. And while the food I make always smells delicious of course, there’s something about having that smell in the bedroom that doesn’t seem right.

But I’ve been really enjoying this “just eating” thing, particularly in the silence of my apartment while my roommates are still out of town. It’s helped me grow in appreciation of my food and of this fortunate life I get to live.


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