Fruiting Bodies

When I used to think about fungi, the first image that would usually come up in my mind was that of a mushroom. Mushrooms are like the poster child of fungi. They come in all sorts of shapes and colors, ranging from bright and flamboyant to drab and unassuming. They can be tasty (to some), stinky, magical, or deadly. The diverse properties and bizarre beauty of mushrooms makes it easy to forget that they are just reproductive blooms whose purpose is to propagate more fungi, and that most of the heavy-lifting of these organisms is performed silently and out of sight.

Just because there’s no flashy “fruit” on display for everyone to see, doesn’t mean there’s nothing going. Most of the time things are cooking beneath the surface, but if you’re patient, and under the right conditions, a mushroom will emerge. Or if you’re like a truffle, the mushroom will stay hidden but will be evidenced by a reeeeally strong aroma.


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