New Friends

Whenever I make new Facebook friends I’m always curious, and a little worried what they think about my feed; it’s literally all links to this site cause that is basically all use use FB (and Twitter) for. I’ve connected with a lot of my classmates, some of whom I haven’t really talked to much in-person, and my worry is that they will make some sort of judgment on me, no so much for the content of what I write but for the simple fact that I post it publicly, as if I have something important to say or that I want people to read what I write, which is definitely not the case.

Of course it is nice when people do read and when they let me know, but the reason I write is for myself, and the reason I “publicize” it is an exercise in not giving a fuck. People can think what they want, and whatever opinions they have reflect back more on themselves then on me. Ironically, while this post is more of an affirmation to myself, deep down its also kind of a effort to ensure that people who do happen to wander in here understand where I’m coming from.

Everyone enters new friendships, relationships, acquaintances, from their own world view and they project that view onto the people they meet. I’ve found that for me the people worth keeping up with are the ones who don’t have a rigid conception of how the world or other people “ought to be” and who don’t take their perspective so seriously.


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