Attention Deficit

I had another appointment with the psychologist last week and this time she indicated that she actually doesn’t think I have ADHD.

I agree with her (not that that necessarily matters), but I will say though that I do have an attention deficit of sorts. I think we all do. By I don’t mean that my attention is short, but that I have a tendency to “spend” more attention than I return. Every time an idea comes up or I think of something I need to do I make a tab (mentally or virtually); I spend some attention. This deficit results in a debt that just keeps growing to the point where all these things are running at low power in my head (or in my browser) taking up bits of my attention, however never enough individually to complete the task or pay off the debt, so collectively they add up to just a huge sum of unproductive processing.

The solution perhaps isn’t to ignore it or hide it away as I kinda suggested before, but rather to start paying those debts. One by one, address the things that have been on my mind, enough to satisfy the lender. Maybe I should start with the small stuff first so I don’t overdraft on the bigger ones.


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