Swearing to Your Kids

I was walking around a shopping center food court yesterday (which was weird in it of itself) and I overheard a dad say shit while talking to his kid. This was like an angry shit; he was saying something about getting something covered in non-literal fecal matter. This isn’t the first time I’ve heard something like this in public, but it doesn’t make it any less jarring.

I’m always curious as to what level of emotion could compel and adult human to have this type of outburst directed towards their child. Obviously I’m not a parent and I can only imagine how very stressful and frustrating an obligation it must be, but where is the utility in targeting venom towards your offspring? There is none, its a purely reactionary response. Maybe some might argue that such swearing is a part of the “real world” and sheltering one’s kids from that is an injustice to them. But patience and kindness are also a part of the real world. Kids will be introduced to swearing at some point no matter what, that I agree with, but the argument that therefore parents should be the ones to introduce it to them is flawed. Swearing to your kids doesn’t make them any stronger or resilient growing up, but it does give them a distorted view of what is acceptable behavior towards others.


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