Possession Pride

Don’t we all have certain objects or possessions that we take special care of? Often times they are things that either have a lot of sentimental meaning or practical value.

Since I’ve been living away from family and sharing a kitchen with three other people, I find myself being a bit protective of certain objects that I keep out in shared spaces. For example, I may have mentioned before this glass mug that I got from a Secret Santa this year. I fuckin’ love this mug and I’m scared that if I leave it out to air dry on the counter with the rest of the dishes, something bad it going to happen to it. So as soon as I’m done with it, I wash it, dry it, kiss it, and put it away. It’s not that things often fall from our dish rack/ drying area, but I just don’t trust any of my roommates to care about it as much as I do, and why should they? Or my Instant Pot; I’m ok for people to use it, but I don’t want it sitting out because a lot of times it ends up in our dishwasher (that we don’t use) to dry and so it ends up kind of smelling weird. So if I see someone use it, or after I use it, I dry it right away and put it back.

More reflections on living with strangers to come.


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