Space that Works

I recently got some upgrades for my workspace. I got some cushions for chair as gift (thank you, you know who you are <3) which have made my hours of studying (and procrastinating) more bearable. I also got these cool reusable dry-erase sticky notes for me to jot ideas or reminders without the mess of actually stick notes. I got a new bullet journal from a Secret Santa and a new little side desk for me to expand my workspace. Lastly I got new keyboard that is just magical to type on. The sound, the wrist cushion, the feeling, it’s all so satisfying. While on their own, all these things may seem like relatively minor changes, but having a workspace that you enjoy using and working it makes a big difference in productivity (this keyboard makes me just want to type ALL THE TIME).

All that said I don’t want to fall into to pattern of consistently feeling like I need to upgrade and have novel things in order to be productive, but for now, I’m just gonna enjoy it.


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