This is America

When you have a bunch of people storming one of the most “sacred and revered” buildings in the country with little to no resistance, you know something’s wrong.

If you weren’t from Earth, you might think this might be the result of a great injustice. Perhaps the death of an innocent man. Perhaps the assassination of a great leader. Perhaps crimes against humanity at the hands of our government. But you would be wrong, because this is the United States of America. We don’t do that here. Here we rise up when when white people think they lose.

Seeing all those flags bearing the name of some lowlife gilding the walls of the capitol was quite dystopian, but its actually a good representation of what much of America actually looks like, despite what some politicians may say. Take note of the people who decided to storm the capitol today, take note of their motivation, and whose interests they serve. Tonight all these senators are taking the floor wagging their fingers them as if they aren’t the very people who interests they’ve been supporting for their entire career. A presidential election like the one we just had is not going to change that.


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