With the start of a new semester I’m reminded once again of my lack of willpower. At the beginning of the break prior to coming back to school, I told myself I would use at least some of my time off to get ahead on material for the coming block. While I did manage to get a little studying in over the holiday, it wasn’t enough to consider myself ahead of schedule. Now with the new material starting to pile up I’m kicking myself for not doing having done more.

I don’t necessarily feel behind, but I don’t want to just get by, I want to feel like I’m working at (or close to) my full potential. That said, studying by going through flashcards and listening to lectures doesn’t feel like I’m operating at my full potential. I know they say nothing worth doing comes easy, but why not? Being effective and being productive doesn’t have to be tedious. Challenging doesn’t have to mean painful. But we’re trained in life that there’s one right way to do anything, and often times it’s the painful way.


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