What I like about Donald Trump

Say what you will about Donald Trump, but he’s honestly not as bad as people think he is. People hate him for no reason! They just don’t like him because he is doing an amazing job, and they don’t like that, and they are JEALOUS of him. Here’s a tribute to the things I appreciate about our president.

1. He sets an example for everything I aspire not to be:

  • Narcissistic: only talks about himself and how things effect him, even in times of national pain, and always attribute good things only to himself/ his doing
  • Arrogant: never admits wrongdoing or fault even when it’s painfully obvious
  • Anti-science: anti-climate, anti-mask
  • Willfully ignorant: pretty sure he goes out of his way not to be properly informed on issues he should definitely should know about (ignorance is bliss right?)

2. He emboldens racists to come out of the woodwork so we can label them properly.

Of course this is a privileged position to take because there are people who are actually suffering (and in some cases dying) at the hands of people who invoke Trump’s name/ administration as justification for their actions (In case you need it here’s a recent example of many). I don’t care about his policies or the economy or whatever bullshit people think makes him great. If you have the racists proudly on your side, that should be a sign that something is not right. And if you can look past that, then perhaps you should think about what that says about you. 

3. He fights for the underdog.

By underdog I mean Trump himself. He proved that intelligence and expertise don’t matter, ideas matter. And if you get enough people to agree and believe in your ideas (even by lying), then you can succeed! He only fights for himself and surrounds himself with people who praise him blindly and incessantly. 

4. He shows how broken America is.

No, I’m not talking about the deep state. And I’m not only talking about the current administration or the GOP. I’m talking about everything. He shows that white supremacy is alive and well. He shows that a good number of our population are devoid of empathy and compassion. He shows how desperately Americans cling to the idea that the United States is the greatest country in the world, when we clearly are not and have not been for a long time (if ever). Our systems and institutions in the U.S. are broken, and the belief that something is old because it is good (or vice verse) is naïve and dangerous.

My fundamental issue with Donald Trump is not his politics. He’s a master politician. He know how to work people, specifically his people. And if all you care about is the economy and the symbol of America, then I can see why you like the guy.

My issue with him is with who he is as a human being. A man who claims to be a Christian, but is indifferent to the suffering of others. A man whose first instinct is to defend himself and his reputation (or what’s left of it), when his people are dying. A man who wields immense power, but doesn’t think about the real world consequences of his words actions. A man who runs away from responsibility and who encourages ignorance. A man who thinks he can do no wrong.


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