Wasted Education

I’m sure many of you out there grew up like me; before I even existed, it was decided by my family that I would get a good education so that I could get a good job and have a successful life. Standing where I am now, with a college degree and about to enter medical school, it seems like education is the biggest scam of modern history.

Why be educated to become a doctor when your patients are going to continue watching Dr. Oz (who admittedly has an MD, but abandoned science long ago) and drinking snake juice?

Why dedicate your life to climate science or environmental science when on issues of climate and the environment people favor the opinions of business executives and politicians?

Why listen to a social scientists and law professors, when Candance Owens, a woman who never finished college and married a rich white guy, can tell you the reality for black people in America. (If you listen to her and not the millions of other black voices who are equally if not more educated than her who are calling for justice right now, your bias is showing).

Education is an even bigger scam for black people:

  • Black graduates, fresh out of college are half as likely to find employment as the average college graduate (Jones 2014). It’s worth noting, people of other heritage groups are also effected, but not as much.
  • White applicants with criminal records are still more likely to receive a call back than black applicants with clean records (Pager 2003).
  • Simply having a black-sounding names makes you less hirable (Bertrand 2004).

Don’t tell me discrimination and systemic racism doesn’t exist because the data says otherwise (for more evidence). Then again, why confront the statistics when you can tell black people to just suck it up.


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