An End to Care-Shaming

I always found it interesting how we often praise and admire people who “don’t care about what other people think.” It always seemed like a very selfish mindset to me.

While the intention of the ideal is to promote self-service, that doesn’t have to include being inconsiderate. Yet some people act like it does and I think we are seeing a lot of that in some public spaces right now.

I’ll be honest, caring less about what other people think is something I’ve aspired to because I think at times I care too much. But every time I see a “motivating” social media that tells people to ignore other people, I cringe a little because the people who don’t care enough probably see that as an affirmation of their indifference. And the people who care too much may feel like they need to step on everyone else around them to be successful and happy.

It’s ok to care. Just because you care what other people think does not mean you have to be dependent on what they think. Don’t be disappointed in yourself if you crave the validation of others. We are hardwired to seek connection and affirmation.

There are some people you are never going to get approval from, that’s the reality, so sure discount their opinions, but don’t discount their humanity and don’t let them harden your heart. The capacity for compassion and for empathy is a gift, if you let anyone take that from you then the bad guys win.


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