Thoughts On Social Media “Challenges”

I’ve never been a big fan of chain texts, social media challenges, etc., often choosing not to participate when I get nominated for stuff. My aversion to these types of things is 2-fold: (1) I don’t like being told what to do. (2) They often seem to misunderstand what the word “challenge” means. I am not some lemming that will just attempt some stupid task because the internet told me to.

Nowadays, with social distancing and quarantining going on the presence of these challenges has grown to the delight of some and the disdain of many. I admit to participating in a few, and while I’m still not a huge fan, I realize my old attitude towards these challenges was perhaps a bit pretentious.

Most of them are just for fun with little to no social stake (in terms of whether or not you actually do it). Participate if it makes you happy, ignore them if not, but don’t be condescending to those that do partake. Most of them take less than a minute, so it’s not like it’s consuming anyone’s life (unless it is, which case please stop). And perhaps before you judge others, ask yourself why you let it bother you so much.


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