King Clout

This is why Twitter sucks. Everyone wants to have a viral take or a career-ending “clapback” often with little to no meaningful dialogue. It seems obvious that Twitter is not a place one should go in search of genuine conversation, and yet my timeline is 80% people trying to out-woke each other. What would it look like if people tried to actually understand each other instead of instantly get offended or constantly looking for a comeback that will get them 10k likes and more followers.

Twitter is an echo-chamber. You are flooded with ideas and feedback from people with similar mindsets/ perspectives as you. Validation does not equal truth. Just because a bunch of people agree with you, doesn’t mean you are right. I say we make Twitter a funny-and-cute-only zone, and leave politics and amateur activism out of it, because honestly I haven’t seen a single thread that made me think, “Huh, we as a species really made some good progress here.”


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