Seriously though…

Many of the biggest problems around the world are hard to solve because we (referring to most people living in “developed” countries) aren’t confront with the consequences of daily life. Climate change/ environmental protection is a big example of that. We use and consume recklessly because our actions don’t have a big effect on us in the present, so convenience is king. Even if we recognize the potential outcomes down the line, we have no sense of urgency. For other’s that’s not the case. Here’s a video of the impact of single-plastics in a small community:

Perhaps this is an extreme example, but also these are people, and they have a river of plastic flowing through their community. So while I, and many people I know, are fortunate not to live with the consequence of our irresponsible choices (yet), many people around the world have no choice to no only bare the consequence of the actions of their own community, but of ours as well.

So let’s all try to be a bit more VSCO-girl-like and reduce, or stop our use of single use plastics.


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