Drafts and Tabs

If you saw my computer right now, you might be shocked by the number of tabs and windows I have open right now. Unless of course you are like me. I open links in new tabs usually because I still have unfinished business on the original tab. The tabs are there so I can back to it later, and I usually do….eventually. They are reminders of things I want to revisit. Though they are also often a product of my indecisiveness and perhaps attention-deficiency. I want to read this other article that the article I am currently reading linked to… but wait this article also makes me want to Google search this other tangentially related topic. And so the down the rabbit-hole we go.

Same goes with drafts. I have several different blog post drafts that I have saved that are unpublished because they are incomplete. I’ll start writing something, then think of something else to write that is related enough to take me off track, but not related enough to put in the same post. Now I have two drafts, and one gets published and the other goes incomplete. The thing is no one is telling me they’re incomplete, that is 100% my own determination. So the question is why is it incomplete and what am I waiting for?


One thought on “Drafts and Tabs”

  1. Haha this is so relatable. I have so many drafts of scripts that I throw into a folder, and I rarely complete any of them. I created this whole folder flow process where I put new script ideas into a “Development” folder. Then I pick the drafts I want to complete and move them to a “Production” folder. Then when they are done I put them into a “Publish” folder.

    As you can imagine the Development folder has dozens of ideas and the other folders only have one or two each. I do things this way so I can move through multiple projects slowly instead of just one slowly. Not the most effective, I know, but certainly keeps my scattered mind more organized.

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