You Deserve to Be Here

First of all shout-out to Alfred Arizala for kickstarting his podcast. Super proud of you, keep doin’ work. If you want some cool motivational insights check out the In The Pocket Podcast on Spotify, iTunes, or Google Podcasts.

So in one episode, Alfred talks a bit about having had performance anxiety, and how one of his teachers said to him, “You know you deserve to be here.” And for him that phrase really stuck with him and made him think. His behaviors didn’t change overnight, but his mentality started evolving.

I think everyone to some extent want to hear those words, whether it be a literal utterance or through actions.

You deserve to be here.

It says that you are enough, that you belong, that you are worth it. It’s an affirmation of one’s existence.

Anyways, I was about to go to sleep tonight, until I watched my other friend’s, Beau’s Instagram story. She was telling the story of how she stood up to someone who was doing something she thought wasn’t right. She “deserved to be there”, she deserved to be heard.

To tell the truth I think everyone “deserves to be here,” everyone deserves a platform to be heard, even that guy who I agree was in the wrong. I’m tempted to think that “wrong” ideas should not have a platform, but without getting into a whole ‘nother discussion of what is right and what is wrong, the only way we can right wrongs is if all ideas can be brought out into the open. We can fix problems that we don’t know exists.

The guy that Beau stood up to the other night may or may not end change his ways, but I can guarantee you that because she said something he and likely others thought about it. That’s where change happens, at points of tension. So whatever your thing is, whether it’s podcasting, dancing, vlogging, photographing, or just talking, put yourself out there, ’cause you deserve to be here. The world is not gonna change itself.


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