Zombie Tag

Dreams are weird. They can be so vivid and specific about certain details, yet completely blurry on others. Sometimes it feels like someone is trying to tell me something. It’s almost like in old cartoons when you could tell an object was going to be interacted with because it looked slightly different from everything else (often having a bolder outline or more fine details, or both). Anyways, I had a dream last night where I made up this game, I won’t recount all the weird details of the narrative of dream, but the game is tentatively called Zombie Tag:

The game starts off with maybe 5 people at least. Everyone is zombie except one person. It starts off kind of like hide-n-go-seek, except in reverse. The zombies stay put, and the one person goes and hides. After however long, say 30 seconds the zombies go out and try to find the “survivor.” Zombies can only walk forward, no clumping up and walking back to back. If the survivor gets caught and is tagged by just one zombie he’s dead and the game is over. Simple enough right? Here’s the kicker, the survivor has the zombie “cure” and if he can sneak up on a zombie and tag them without getting tagged himself, that zombie is cured and becomes a survivor, AND the original survivor imbues the new survivor with the ability to cure other zombies. HOWEVER, at this point if any survivor is caught by a zombie they are dead and out of the game (cured people can’t get the zombie disease duh). The game continues until everyone left alive is cured or until everyone is dead or undead. Survivors MUST tag without getting tagged themselves. If zombie and a survivor go head-to-head, face-to-face, the zombie wins and the survivor dies. But say a survivor is distracting a zombie and another survivor sneaks up behind and tags her the zombie is cured. So the win conditions are:

  1. Zombies win if all survivors are dead.
  2. Survivors win if all zombies are cured.

This means that the last zombie standing wins when the survivors win. BUT if the only active players are one zombie and one survivor, that zombie is the winner and the survivor dies (no doesn’t become an agility showdown).

Also notice in neither case did I say the dead-dead win. If you were at any point a survivor and you died, you lose.

And that’s it. Make sense? This was all in a dream so I haven’t had a chance to actually play it using real world rules (no flying), but I feel like it could be fun. Though it also may need some balancing. Maybe the cured zombies shouldn’t be able to cure other zombies. Maybe zombies are only allowed to walk. Depending on the size of the group, maybe there should be more than one survivor at the start. Maybe dead survivors are reanimated as zombies after X seconds.

While I don’t I could find enough people to actually play this with it was fun to think about.

The end.


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