What really is integrity and what is it worth? My understanding for a long time been has been that integrity is one commitment to their ideals, morals, and values, especially when no one is looking and/ or there is nothing to be gained. Some may have different definitions, but in general it is seen as a overall positive thing.

We all make decisions for our lives based on available information in one way or another. What happens when we are faced with information that works against our own values and morals? Do we change our values or do we deny the information? I feel like some form of the latter is a common choice, at least initially. Is that considered integrity? Of course we have to take into account the source of the information, but if it turns out the overwhelming evidence says the way I have been living my life and the way I understand the world is “wrong” what do I do?

It takes courage to stand by your beliefs in the face of opposition. But is that integrity? It also takes courage to admit you were wrong and it’s important to put your beliefs to the test from time to time to see how they hold up as we gain new information. I think there’s “integrity” in that; in checking yourself for cracks, and in pruning away the excess.

My current understanding of integrity is more of a commitment to myself rather than to my beliefs or my ideals. The question is how much of myself (if any) is tied to those beliefs, and how do I know when it’s time to let some of them go.


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