It’s almost like a vicious cycle; people are ignorant because they don’t to ask questions; they don’t ask questions because they are scared or because they don’t care; they are scared or don’t care because they are ignorant. This is a simplification and a generalization, but I think those can be good ways to start to talk about complicated things in a manageable way.

We’ve all probably experienced not knowing something, wanting to ask, but being too scared to ask. That fear sucks and is stupid, but it’s real. I’ve gotten my head bitten off more than once for asking a genuine question. And sometimes I get frustrated that, in some cases, in order to get answers I often have to dance around people’s emotions or feelings, but that’s the way things are. It’s either that or changing the entire culture of human interaction and perhaps human nature along with it. So while we chip away at the culture thing and the genetic thing, it’s probably best to at least smile, nod, and pretend like you care. And who knows, maybe you will actually start to.

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