Change for Good

This is kinda an addendum on something I touched on in my last post. I mentioned how me changing my food habits won’t change culture/ the world/ etc. But few things change overnight. That’s why education, and seeking to understand, and awareness are important. Those are things that inspire and inform change. A seed is planted and if we as individuals are convinced by sufficient evidence one way or another we decide to seek change or not.

Today someone told me how they have been buying only fair-trade clothes for about a year and a half. This is never something I’ve thought much about in the past, much less considered, but it got me thinking, obviously enough to write about. I probably won’t all of a sudden join in on this movement, but that’s how it starts and spreads; people talk. Then slowly over time the culture shifts, much like biological evolution. Some ideas take hold and survive and others die out. Who know what the cultural habits of our future selves and the future generations will be, but hopefully we in the present can push things in the right direction.


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