Human Disconnection

I saw something recently talking about how “we are all human until: …race disconnected us…religion divided us…politics [blah/ etc].” There is a component of that which I think is true, especially in the times we live, but these are all things that also connect people, and are fundamentally human. Based on my understanding, Homo sapiens dominated over other species of humans because of our ability to connect, and much of that was due to our ability to create fictions, tell stories, and to believe in things beyond of reality (e.g. religion, money…). This ability allowed, and still does, to connect with total strangers, as long as we share a common belief.

The issue today is that there are so many different things to believe, some of which are impossible to prove through statistics and science. To say that race, religion, and politics is the root of a disconnected humanity is to ignore part of what makes us human in the first place. It’s not these ideas that disconnect us, but our attachment and our (perhaps reckless) loyalty to them, a quality that is also very human. Maybe we should stop trying to look for scapegoats and start working on solutions.


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