I was sitting in a waiting room today and Shrek 2 was playing. It’s been a while since I last saw it, though I’ve probably seen it maybe 20 times, and a couple things stood out to me:

  1. It’s funny. This isn’t news to me, but looking back, I feel like this movie had a strong influence on my sense of humor. There’s just a lot of random, and often small, details that are completely unnecessary or over-the-top, that have me constantly laughing.
  2. It’s fast. Not a lot of screen time is dedicated to characters’ internal dialogues or internal conflicts. The story just moves along, which I think also adds to the humor of it all. There’s times where I think, “Well that didn’t make sense,” or “This character could’ve done X smarter.” But then I think maybe that’s the point.

Anyways I just wanted to express my appreciation for the Shrek movies, which are simultaneously hilarious and wholesome (a word that I’ve come to dislike, but can’t think of an appropriate alternative for).


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