A Tune-Up

I took a class back in university that was primarily focused on thinking about why we believe what we believe. One of our assignments was to essentially track how our position on a specific rule or law aligned ultimately with our position on the nature of the universe. This class forced me to reckon with a lot of cognitive dissonance that I tried to resolve one way or the other.

I realized that recently I haven’t really been good about knowing why I believe what I believe and I’m overdue for a check-up on my cognitive dissonance. To address this, every now and then I’m going to be posting as part of a series where I go through various, perhaps controversial topics, dive a bit into the literature, and report back. Ideally, I’d love for you the reader to engage in this exploration with me, especially if your views diverge from mine in some way, so we can have productive conversations and hopefully come closer to an understanding together.

I have a couple ideas for the first one, but still undecided and if you have any recommendation let me know. Stay tuned.


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