Combating Complacency

Complacency looks different depending on where you are.

In driving, it’s not using your blinkers or wearing your seatbelt.

In the morning, it’s not making your bed.

In the bathroom, it’s rinsing your hands for 2 seconds instead of washing (or not washing at all).

In school, its rote memorization and studying (or teaching) to the test.

It’s not vaccinating your kids; it’s using social media as your “sources”; it’s forgetting your P’s and Kyou’s; etc.

When things become routine, when we start getting comfortable, when we take things for granted, we tend to forget to mind the basic, but important details. Don’t get me wrong, habit and routine are extremely valuable, but I think it’s important to check-in every once in a while to take a look at where we are going.

I’ve been giving into complacency in some of my obligations, but I’m trying to course-correct. For me fighting complacency is finding new ways to interact and connect with guests at the museum and patients on the streets; it’s being on-time with my commitments; it’s double checking and keeping my schedule; the list goes on. If I want to grow and develop I need to constantly be creating and innovating; complacency is in diametric opposition to that end.

What does complacency look like in your life? And what does it look like to fight it?


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