The Likelihood Just Frightens Me

The likelihood just frightens me and it’s easier to hide.

Four Seasons, Rex Orange County

It’s funny how much possibility and mere ideas inhibit us. We are constantly weighing costs and benefits. People love buying lotto tickets because the worst that can happen is that they lost a couple bucks, and the best that can happen is they become an instant millionaire.

I think people like taking risks and doing new things, but only when the worst outcome is relatively harmless. Trying new foods/ restaurants, listening to new music, adopting a new hairstyle, etc. Yet even with stuff as innocuous as those, people can become uncomfortable deviating from the status quo.

But it’s not just the bad that often holds us back, the prospect of positive change can be scary too. What if I get this new job and I have to change my day-to-day routine? What if I actually like this girl? What if I decide I want to do this thing for the rest of my life? Walking out into the unknown is scary, but I think what might be scarier, or at least less exciting, is hiding right where you are.



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