You’re not bad, you’re just ignorant!

A lot of times I write off my shortcomings by saying that I’m bad at “it”. I’m bad therefore I can never be good, at least never as good as those who are good at “it” already.

Of course I’m bad at it, it’s either among my first tries or I’ve never tried at all. That doesn’t mean I am ultimately bad, it just means I’m ignorant. I haven’t explored it yet. I haven’t tried and failed over and over yet. Doing that takes time though, and I only have so much (though admittedly more than I use responsibly), and so is it worth exploring my shortcomings.

Then we can get into a whole discussion about explore vs exploit, so I’ll stop there for now.

Bottom line, you won’t know unless you try…over and over, so if it means that much to you, respect it.

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