My Dearest Friend

My Dearest Friend,

I feel like the art of letter writing is lost on our generation, and those after us. We grew up amidst a communication revolution, where letters and phone calls were replaced with instant messages and now 5 second pictures. But I think there is something quite profound and perhaps romantic about saying everything you need to say without editing yourself for, or in anticipation of, your interlocutor’s response. And then in turn responding to that complete thought, without interjection or distraction. In real-time conversations, and now in instant messages, it seems we often get so caught up with what we ourselves want to say that we forget to listen. Of course both forms of communication have their merits and their flaws, but I thought I would take a second to advocate for a forgotten art. I would love to know you thoughts dear friend, and did you receive the tuna casserole I sent you? I hope it’s still good.


Your Dearest Friend


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