Turn Up

No I’m not talking about partying. I was just watching a TED talk about a guy who followed his dream of being a professional wrestler by deciding to turn up the aspects of himself that he identified strongly with.

We are all special in our own way and yet no one is more “special” than anyone else. That doesn’t mean we are all the same person, nor should we act like it. So the question is how do we turn up what makes us special individually without losing sight of what’s truly important (e.g. connection).

Though turning up requires nuance because if not carefully managed, intensifying certain aspects of yourself can be obnoxious. Not coming off like you are something special is a big part of it I think. Be humble, and not just on the surface.

This is something I struggle with constantly. I’ve had problems with feelings of inadequacy which has made me a bit defensive about the things that I consider myself to be good at. Having genuine aspirations of becoming a physician may also have left somethings to be desired in terms of “nuance”. I could blame a lot of things for being the cause of my vices, but what’s the point? Especially if I can do something about them. Focus is key. But anyways, that’s kinda beside the point.

I want to turn up my curiosity, my creativity, my compassion, and my humor (I’m super funny trust me).

What are some things you’d like to turn up about yourself?


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