Past is Past

Sometimes I think back on how I could have done things better, but this is useless when it gets to the point of regret. Whenever people ask me if I regret anything or if I would have done anything different, particularly with respect to college, I usually say no. First of all (no meme intended) I can do nothing to change it now so what would the point be in wanting to change anything. Second, even if I could I don’t know if I would. The person I am today was created from all my past experiences, pangs and pleasures alike. From each experience there was something to learn, and if I didn’t learn it then I would learn it eventually.

One big one I’ve thought about lately has been my prep for MD school. Should I have started volunteering and shadowing and prepping, etc. earlier? Should I have applied last year? Maybe…but maybe not. I think about the time I am “wasting” by not having applied, but is it really wasted? I get more time to develop myself, not as a professional, but as a person. I really get to invest myself in my current occupations.

I was at a meeting earlier tonight for the new place I will be volunteering. The guy sitting next to me kinda looked miserable to be there. Same went for a couple of the girls sitting by me. It’s understandable, it was late, but I was pretty stoked to be there and was excited to start working. They looked unenthused, and all I could think about was how thankful I was not to have class the next day and not to have tests and papers looming over my head so that I could fully and properly participate.

So at this point, I’m happy where I’m at.


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