You are made for perfection

This is something that Archbishop Desmond Tutu said in the book I’m reading. Isn’t that a encouraging thought? Each person has the potential to be the best version of themselves. And I think what the Archbishop is really getting at here is that we as humans are all capable of change. I can seek to improve myself and can create a plan to carry out that improvement.

It’s a shame that many people grew up in a education system, especially here in the U.S. that heavily enforced the idea of natural talent. That attitude of a fixed mindset is not easy to shake.

This also puts the task of achieving perfection on the individual. You are not made perfect, but you are made for perfection. In other words, you can only achieve perfection if you seek it out and make an effort to that end. The more we buy into this idea, the closer we come to making “perfection” a reality.


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