It’s been a while. Have been feeling a bit down/ confused/ frustrated recently for various reasons. It’s nice being at work because I get to take my mind of things, I get to get outside of my head. That’s probably why people who do a lot of volunteer work or do other service oriented things, it helps them not think about their own problems. And there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. Often times our own problems are petty or insignificant anyway.

All that being said I do think it’s important to think about where we as individuals need to grow and figure out how we plan on reforming ourselves. I want to take some time and space to lay out some of my current goals and areas for growth, mostly for myself. Maybe I should post this list some where public so there is some sort of accountability attached to it. As usual fear of vulnerability is what is holding me back.

Anyways here goes;


Learn Spanish – Right now I’m just using Duolingo, I want at some point start talking to Irene from my work because she mostly speaks Spanish and I feel bad that whenever she is cleaning on floor I am on that I can’t really talk to her. My tangible for this will be to maintain my streak on Duolingo for 1 week.

Study more – I’m going to need to get back into the swing of things in terms of studying since I will be retaking the MCAT next year. I want to try some new strategies and that may include creating my own study resources for others to use. Tangibles to come.

Read more – I have a bunch of books in my Amazon cart that I want to read. Though I also still have some books here at home that I need to check of my list. My tangible goal for now will be to read 20 pages a day. Doesn’t seem like that much, but I wanna start small at first so that I won’t get discouraged. If I feel like I can increase I will.

Write more – Simple, keep writing and posting here.

Run – This one I’m still on the fence about. I miss running and I want to start running in the mornings. My tangible would be to go on a 20 min run every morning, but of all my goals this will probably will be the hardest to fall into.

Less social media – I deleted FB, SC, and IG from my phone so I spend less time mindlessly scrolling. IG now I’m pretty inactive, I will open in in browser once in a while, but for the most part I stay away. FB is a different story, I still comment and stuff pretty frequently. SC reinstalled recently, but I deleted it just now. Once in a while I’ll miss it, but I often realize I don’t really like watching peoples stories and I don’t really need other people to know what I am doing, not that they care that much anyway (similar to my own apathy towards others’ stories).

Less League – Seven years later I am still playing, I enjoy playing but sometimes I play just to maintain my rank or even just cause I’m bored. But what does my rank matter. It doesn’t. I’m never gonna look back and think about my account as one of my crowning achievements and if  I do then I’ve clearly gone wrong somewhere along the way. I’ll probably keep playing till the end of the season, but after the season is over I try to cut back a lot, especially to make more room for studying.

Music – I’ve been wanting to get back into music for a while now. Whether that be picking up piano again or dusting of the ol’ saxophone. But like running, this is a tough one to get going because it’s been a while. Ideally my tangible for this would be 30 mins a day to start.

That’s it for my goals for now. Maybe I’ll share this with my friend and maybe he’ll share his with me and we can keep each other accountable.


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