Showing you care

If you genuinely do, its not hard to do. And yet we often fail to do so, at least I know I do. Just that little bit of extra effort on our part can go a long way in terms of our day to day interactions. It costs us virtually nothing, so why do we so frequently neglect to show we care.

Caring makes us vulnerable and makes us invested; it indicates something about our ideals and our values and ours selves. If we show we care we once we are expected to always care.

It’s easier to be apathetic; you have no commitments, no expectations to uphold.

What’s interesting is that in the cartoons and TV shows I watched growing up, the “cool kids” were always the apathetic ones. They never seemed to care about anything. What’s attractive about apathy is that is also indicates that you don’t care about what other people think, and many people wish they could live like that.

Perhaps we believe their lives are exciting and that they do care about something, but the mundane no longer phases them. Or perhaps this analysis is completely off and this is a topic for a different time. But I think more often then not we do appreciate when someone cares.

Some of the most admired and revered people in history cared deeply about something. I think we are drawn to people with strong motivation and a strong adherence to their ideals and values. And we should, integrity is not an easy thing to maintain all the time.

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