I want to be a bit more intentional with my choices and actions; to have a more purpose behind everything I do. There was a reddit post that got pretty popular in which one user talked about doing something, at least one thing everyday to get you closer to your goals. He referred to this as “No Zero-Days”. The whole post was about discipline and self-esteem if I recall correctly. Whether or not you have personal struggles with these types of things the post it worth a read.

Currently my go-to for avoiding a zero day is learning Spanish on Duolingo.

I chose the picture of the blocks because when I built it, as well as when I built the double bridge which was on an earlier post, I had to be very intentional about how, where, and even when I placed each block. There are no screws or glues, so I couldn’t force it to work, I had to think about how each block would contribute to the structure or not. (Though perhaps excluding the twist on the top from this discussion)

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